DeStefano’s Crab Cakes$18.89
Handmade exclusively from a unique blend of tangy spices and sweet tender lump crab meat.
Shrimp Cocktail$18.89
Jumbo Farmed Raised Shrimps served with lemons and a traditional cocktail sauce.
Burrata Caprese$17.89
Fresh Italian Mozzarella stuffed with a creamy filling with Tomatoes and Basil. An Italian delight!
Short Rib Rolls$15.89
Stewed Short Ribs, julienne carrots and mashed potatoes fried in a crisp, paper thin wrapper.
Asparagus Bundles (Seasonal)$15.89
Fresh asparagus spears wrapped in bacon and roasted to perfection.
Mozzarella De Crustino$15.89
Fresh Mozzarella breaded and sautéed until tender served on top of a mushroom.
Portobello Napolitano$16.89
Grilled Portobello Mushroom layered with sautéed spinach, goat cheese and blue cheese.
Sweet and Spicy BaconP/A
Our Thick Smoky Bacon Sizzled in the oven with our own addictive glaze.

Soup & Salads

Pear, Arugula and
Pancetta Salad
(Fig vinaigrette dressing)
Roasted Pears intermingled with baby arugula and pancetta topped with thin slices of ricotta salata cheese.
Roasted Beet Salad$16.89
(Raspberry-lime vinaigrette)
Roasted beets, chopped pears, walnuts, and blue cheese on a bed of mixed greens.
Classic Caesar Salad$14.89
Topped with imported shaved Parmesan cheese and served with a Creamy Anchovy based dressing.
Iceberg Wedge$15.89
Crisp Iceberg Wedge with chopped tomato, onion and bacon with Blue Cheese Dressing.
French Onion Soup$12.89
Deeply caramelized onions, slowly simmered, infusing their flavors in a rich beef broth, topped with melted Jarlesberg cheese to create a soup which is both mature and mellow.
Soup du JourP/A
Ask your server for a full description

Classic Steaks & Chops

Porterhouse for Two (40oz.)$109.89
This meat lover’s cut is Dry Aged to perfection and best served medium rare, but our chef will prepare it to your taste.
Filet Mignon (12oz.)$52.89
Our Signature Filet Mignon is seared and roasted to perfection. Served with or without our Chef’s Burgundy-Shallot Sauce.
Filet Mignon (8oz.)$42.89
Our Signature Filet for a lighter appetite. Served with or without sauce.
New York Strip (16oz.)$59.89
Our strips are cut from prime top loins and aged for twenty-eight days to ensure both taste and tenderness.
Bone-in Rib Eye (24oz.)$69.89
This twenty-eight day prime dry aged Rib Eye is served in its own juices and sliced upon request.
Lamb Chops w/
Pistachio Nut Crust
3 Double Cut Australian Baby Rib Lamb Chops grilled or broiled to perfection and finished with Pistachio nut butter for flavor and texture

Fish, Chicken, & Pasta

Chicken Cordon Bleu
(Our Style)
Sautéed Chicken Breast Cutlets stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese topped with a white truffle cream sauce. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetable du jour.
Native Lobster Ravioli$32.89
Squid Ink Stripped dough stuffed with bite size pieces of lobster. Served in our chef’s natural lobster cream sauce and garnished with fresh lobster bits.
Mahi Mahi$36.89
An Eight Ounce Filet of Mahi that can be grilled or pan seared. Served with sautéed string beans


Small : $10.89 Medium : $16.89 Large : $22.89

Whole Leaf Sautéed Spinach

Italian Style Creamed Spinach

Sauteed String Beans with Pancetta

Creamed Corn infused with Parmesan
Idaho Baked Potato

DeStefano Home Fries

Garlic Mashed Potaotes

Wedge Cut Spicy Steak Fries

*** We have chicken fingers or pasta for children under 10 ***

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