Crème Brulee

A New York Style Cheesecake on top of a thin layer of Crème Brulee with a burnt sugar topping.

Steve's Key
Lime Pie

A tart version of this famous pie made in Brooklyn, NY.

Tiramisu Cake$10.89

Espresso soaked sponge cake layered with a mascarpone custard.

Mousse Trilogy$10.89

Layers of White Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate Mousse, and
Milk Chocolate Mousse combine to create a chocolate lover’s dream.

Lemoncello Cake$10.89

Vanilla sponge cake with thin layers of lemoncello laced mascarpone topped with shaved white chocolate.

Panna Cotta$10.89

Italian vanilla custard topped with crushed almond cookies.


Vanilla and chocolate ice cream in a dark chocolate shell with a slivered almond and cherry center.

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